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NSF , UL approved model now available!

Made in Japan! 

World No1 

Gyoza making machine 



About Our Product 

A super compact mini machine created from the comprehensive know-how of TOA INDUSTRY Co., Ltd with its 40 years of experience in producing and selling food processing machines in response to the industry



  1. The gyozas' weight can be adjusted according to your request.

  2. Makes “skilled craftsman-made” quality gyoza.

  3. The weight and shape of your product will remain constant.

  4. Easy to operate; no prior experience or skills required. Just insert a pastry skin into the machine, push the button, and your gyoza is complete.

  5. Quick and easy to clean.

  6. Little space needed to operate.

​Gyoza is a Profitable Product!

Over 80% Margins​

Gyoza increases a store's overall profit, and in so increasing the average amount of money each customer spends!

Until now, even though people knew of the profits in gyoza, many have given up due to the tedious task of creating each individual gyoza. Our product can allow anybody to make mass amounts of gyoza easily.

​The Integration of Gyoza into the Food Industry Has Begun!

Today, gyoza has received quite a bit of attention and has become a popular side dish around the world.


While in Japan, gyoza based izakayas have been becoming more common, gyoza bars have become more common around the world!

world gyoza shops.jpg

Reasons You Should Pick Us

1. We are the No. 1 gyoza machine manufacturer in the world!

We control 60% of Japan's and 30% of the worldwide gyoza market.


We have currently sold over 6,000 of our machines


2. Total Support

We will help with any questions you have on how to sell your gyoza to customers, along with advice on how to create the flavor of your gyoza.

Our company can also make your custom flavor of gyoza meat so you don't need to.


Are you satisfied with frozen gyoza?

Wouldn't you want to strengthen your store with your own original gyoza?


Wouldn't you like to create a business model where eating gyoza and ramen is a given thing?

Well-liked and profitable, gyoza, as a strength, will help attract more customers.


Now, wouldn't you want to create a new business model around gyoza or open your own gyoza store?



Machine speck
  • Do you have any advice on gyoza making and other machines or equipment to help in the steps of creating gyoza?
    Yes, we do. We give advice. Along with that, I also sell other equipment that you may need in the gyoza creation process. Since each business has its own capacity and usual used amount, please message me in regards to this for an estimate.
  • Can you demonstrate the product for me?
    If you are able to come to my office, you can make an appointment and I will be able to demonstrate the product for you. If you are able to bring your own gyoza skin and filling, you will be able to get a more accurate demonstration.
  • I want to make different sizes of gyoza using one machine. Is that possible?
    Each machine can only be tuned to one size, but you can use different types of filling in the gyoza, thus making it possible to make multiple different types of gyoza.
  • Is there a limit on how big my gyoza can be?
    Our machines can make each gyoza anywhere between 13g~30g depending on the settings.
  • Is the machine setup easy?
    After you put the ingredients in the hopper, you then set the gyoza skins on the tray and hit the switch. Due to the simplicity of the process, this machine allows anyone to be able to master gyoza making in a short amount of time.
  • Am I not going to be able to use the gyoza skins that I have been using until now?
    Though there are limits on the size, in most cases the gyoza skins are able to continue to be used. Please advise that handmade skins are not able to be used with this machine.
  • What type of after care support do you offer?
    We offer support over the phone and over email, we can ship parts and/or send a specialist to assist you.* *You will be expected to pay for any expenses that our specialist incurs





Height :508mm

(Including hopper 801mm)

Length :255mm

Width :343mm


97lbs (44kg)

Power Input 

Single Phase 120V 65W


Stainless steel、

Aluminum alloy




$20,000 +

Shipping cost from LA

Meets UL and NSF standards

gyoza machine size.png

Order step!


The gyoza machine is customized and made one at a time.

Especially the diameter and thickness of the skin is very important!

Please contact us first to let us know what kind of specifications you would like to make your gyoza.


 Gyoza making process

Profile of Representative


Kenichi Ota

Lecturer of Japan Ramen School

American Ramen Consultant


Kenichi has established his own Ramen shop in the US as well as contributed to the opening of many successful restaurants.  His consultation has helped Ramen shops increase sales, open new restaurants, create recipes and give owners advice on store concepts, revenue and expansion.


Kenichi travels across the US, aiming to expand Ramen restaurants serving delicious Ramen all over the US.


He personally participates in the operation of the Ramen shops he consults for and helps future owners on starting their business and conducting sales activities and trainings for the stores.  He has earned a good reputation from his clients for his customer-centered attitude.

Details of his services:

Furthermore, Kenichi will individually provide you ideas for Ramen recipes using our special pressure vessels.  We will also help consult you in the type of Ramen shop you want to open. 

Support for store operation or giving advice after reviewing actual store operation.

Support for product development, development of exclusive products or improvement of existing products.

Development of Ramen or development of menus for new stores or renovated stores.

Full support ranging from store development, development of new Ramen business types, store concepts, store design, menu types and ongoing guidance on store operation.

Other services

Consulting Service

We help people who are looking into Ramen business to set up their Ramen store. We provide our clients the best Ramen kitchen system which it brings you the highest standard traditional Ramen cuisine without hiring a main chef. ​ We will help you by going to your location and helping you with your store concept, design installation, taste creation, pre-opening preparation, and after-opening employee training.

Ramen School in LA

If you aim to open a Ramen restaurant in the US or overseas, Here lies the road to the success of your Ramen business! I am a Lecturers at Japan Ramen School are also American Ramen consultants, and will teach you everything you need to know from training, to how to cook Ramen to how to operate your Ramen shop. Training is quick and individualized.

Pressure cooker 

The new way to cook RAMEN

You can make creamy tonkotsu broth in one hours cooking

Pressure cooking completely changes the cooking operation. High pressure can make high-quality soup stock with the high repeated success rate 

Approved product in the USA  


Special ramen tools

We carry Japanese ramen specialty tools that are hard to find in the US.


Fine sized ladles, power tebos, gyoza trays, etc.
We carry only the ramen specialty items you've always wanted!


Ramen Support LLC

21515 Hawthorne Blvd #200

Torrance, CA 90503


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